Phillies Dog Days at Baxter’s

Phillies $1 Dog Days at Baxters this Wednesday 9/14 and Thursday 9/15 . Get your dogs all game long.

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The Rise and Fall of New England–Style Ballplaying


With this ninth of sixteen articles by scholars of baseball’s earliest period, a picture will begin to emerge of how the game first flowered in America. (For regular readers of the Our Game blog, my own contributions will be interspersed with these excerpts from Base Ball.) The article below, by Larry McCray, appears in print in a new special issue of the journal Base Ball for which Larry served as guest editorHe is the founder of the invaluable Protoball Project, a website where many of the early game’s top scholars have shared their finds. He is also a panelist on Major League Baseball’s Origins Committee, which I chair.

These articles constitute only a portion of the complete special issue and appear courtesy of the publisher. Each article is keyed to the larger Protoball Chronology appearing at; for example, the article below, indexed as 1829.2, reflects that it is the second Protoball entry for the year 1829.

1829.2 The Rise and Fall of New England–Style Ballplaying

Larry McCray

Mr. Lawrence says, as a boy [h]e played Round Ball in 1829. So far as [his] argument goes for Round Ball being the father of Base Ball, it is all well enough, but there are two things that cannot be accounted for; the conception of the foul ball, and the abolishment of the rule that a player could be put out by being hit with a thrown ball…. Mr. Lawrence considers Round Ball and Four Old Cat one and the same game; the Old Cat game merely being what they would do when there were not more than a dozen players, all told.1

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Losing Ugly

The magic numbers:

  • 1- to clinch the Wild Card.
  • 5 – to clinch the National League East.
  • 7 – to clinch home-field advantage throughout the postseason.

Are you pretty confident the Phillies are going to win the division? Do you have tickets to a game this week at Citizens Bank Park? Can you be a little selfish at times? (Come on, admit it.) Yes? Well, then you might not have totally minded Monday’s loss — as sloppy as it was. Because it guaranteed the Phillies cannot clinch the division this week in Houston, which means they should clinch at home during their eight-day, 10-game homestand.


Roy Oswalt didn’t have a good night, although his defense failed him at times. With just a few starts remaining before the postseason, Oswalt remains the fourth starter in my mind. It’s either Oswalt or Vance Worley, and I have to stick with Oswalt. Worley deserves a chance to pitch, but you only need four starters and Oswalt cannot be much of a reliever while Worley has……..

Rest of the story on Zo Zone Blog…….








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